Rules to follow when recruiting.

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Rules to follow when recruiting.

Post  DeathxQuade on Tue Jul 06, 2010 12:11 pm

This is just a few things you need to follow.
1. Make sure the person is like playable with, and what i mean by this is he does not talk trash every lobby/game.
2.Make sure the person feels welcomed when you recruit him/her.
3. Explain some of the rules to them
4. Be sure to tell them to make there motto [LSE (Branch) ENS]. also to put in there Bio [Recruited/rct by (Name of you) on (date) and remember to tell them to add the branch Tag.
5. make sure when you recruit them that they know who there captain is of the branch.
6. Tell them to sign up a Profile on our website so they can get there next rank

For now follow these ^_^

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