Jobs of Ranks (and how to get to next rank)

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Jobs of Ranks (and how to get to next rank)

Post  LSE FUHRER on Sat Jul 03, 2010 1:45 pm

Ensign - trail period in which you sign up on this website (must Sign up on website and should be starting to become familier with the rules of LSE)

FNG - Can start to be a part of squads and should be beginning to know the rules of the community and getting to know the higher ranking officials of the community (Pre-requisite Ensign and must know all rules of LSE)

Corporal - is a true member in which they can start training for jobs within the community and such as recruiting and can start voicing there opinions on subjects within the community, also should be helping the Lieutenant with activities and the squad leaders with squad practices (Pre-requisite FNG and also must know the Ranking structure and should be working with the specialist to start remembering the recruiting speech)

Sergent - can become the co-leader of a squad and can also should start working with the specialist to learn how to recruit (Pre-requisite CPL must be somewhat able to recruit must see a LT and a Commander/Captain to be promoted)

Staff Sergent - is the rank in which you may start actually bringing others into the community you must have either a specialist, an enforcer, or higher in the party in order to recruit another person into the community (Must be recruiting often should be yeilding at least 1 Ensign a week or so Pre-requisite Sgt and must have 3-5 Ensigns reach the Rank of Cpl to be promoted)

Specialist - this is a special rank in which you train lower members for there next promotion and also you are the main recruiter for the community (Must be at least SSGT to be promoted to this rank AVAILIBLE ON REQUEST AND APON CAPTAINS DECISION should bring in about 4-5 Ensigns a week)

Enforcer - this rank makes sure prople are doing there jobs and may promote to corporal and also will recruit more than SSGT (should bring in about 2-3 members a week and will be promoted by working and training with a LT)

Lieutenant - promotes to the rank of ssgt with a captains permission and deals with most problems of lower members (must do your job and go above and beyond to be promoted by a CAPT/BRIGADIER)

Commander - 2nd in command of a branch helps the captain with day to day running of the branch and is training to be a captain (TRAINS TO BE CAPTIAN AND CAPTAINS THE NEXT BRANCH TO SPLIT)

Captain - in command of a branch makes all day to day decisions and is also being trained to be a Brigadier (promoted at a brigadier and overwatches decision)

Brigadier - Watches over some branches (Max: 3) and also assists in any needed help in a branch they are presiding over (will be promoted at Trojans Decision)

Overwatch - Deals with Divisional Affairs Of the community (promoted at Founding fathers decision)

Trojan - (INACTIVE) ***Highest Rank another person can reach in the community besides Founding Father***

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